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VIP Coaching Days

One day intensive programs for fast, actionable, results.

Are you ready for this?

I have a solution just for you.

Each and every VIP Coaching Day is focused on a single individual. You. Every one is individually tailored within one of our existing tried and tested frameworks to produce a VIP coaching experience that is exactly right for you. Each one is different: personal to you. You choose the destination, and together we create a pathway to get you there in the shortest possible time.

Fast. Personal. Actionable.

VIP Coaching Days use all the tools and techniques available in normal coaching, plus a few others we have created ourselves, to assemble an accelerated coaching program that delivers actionable results in a single day. Results that are considered, measured, sensible, but above all personal to you. And you can start to act on them immediately!

What is a VIP Coaching Day?

Intensive. Focused. One-to-one.
For faster results and instant action.

A VIP Day is an intensive, fully immersive program designed to resolve a specific issue, solve a particular problem, reach a decision, or just clarify and identify who you are and what you want in a single comprehensive one-to-one  session.
You decide the problem or situation you want to address, and then we work together to push you to your limits in one concentrated effort. You will go further and faster than you ever thought possible, with our support and guidance, achieving bigger and better results that you can put into action immediately. 


We offer 3 individually tailored VIP Days:

About me

Kind. Caring. Smart. Spiritual.

I have a passion for helping people to transform their lives. Corporate, business or personal. I have more than 25 years of experience in a range of industries and disciplines, and in my coaching life I have worked with people from more than 40 different countries - so far.
I have been VP and then President of ICF Czech Republic. I have studied several of the most popular coaching styles - CTI, Erickson College, Results Coaching -  but my coaching style is my own, developed as the result of all my combined work and life experience. 
My clients come from all walks of life, with a vast array of problems, issues, and difficult decisions which we have addressed in VIP Coaching Days. 
You can read more about me on the links below.


"Work has always been difficult for me. I felt undervalued and I thought nobody listened to me, but I always thought I could achieve more.

 Spending a day with Andrea working on my personal issues using Vision Mapping has changed my life. I am now so confident, assertive and at the same time somehow more relaxed that I sometimes don't recognise myself. The unexpected bonus is a much better work/life balance. I now have more time and energy for my personal stuff, which makes it even easier at work." 



"I had been stuck on a very important life-altering decision for some time, and it was beginning to seem like I would never resolve it. One of my friends recommended Andrea, so I called her. Ten days later I found myself flying to Prague, and wondering if I had gone completely mad.

However, after a VIP day with Andrea I could clearly see what I needed to do. Amazing! I went back again a few months later and we did my Personal Inventory. It has transformed the way I look at myself, and how I value myself. I have so much more energy and my increased positive attitude has been noticed by both friends and colleagues."



"I used to lack self-confidence, and my ideas were often overlooked because I was not assertive enough to promote them. Then I met Andrea and we worked through a VIP Coaching Day. I was very surprised how much effort I had to put into the day, and at the end of it I felt shattered.

The work we did has shown me how to find the strength within myself, and to use that strength to shape and direct my life in the way that suits me best. I am much more confident and outgoing, both at home and at work. The VIP day really made a big, big difference for me."


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