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I have been coaching and helping people for over 20 years, in all combinations of personal, business, lifestyle and corporate situations. During this time, I noticed that some people get the most benefit from a short, intensive, highly concentrated single session, with a laser focus on a single issue or single set of interrelated problems. These people are usually busy, high achievers whose time is precious, and who are willing and capable of making the effort required to get through such an intense program. If this sounds like you, then VIP Coaching Days were created for you.

Andrea Klincokova

VIP Personal Coach

Some of my best results

  • From unhappy middle management to a senior leadership role, with clear vision and a high-achieving team.

  • From long-term unemployed to a nomination for the best business woman in the country.

  • From single, directionless and unhappy to a happy stable relationship with a partner and child.

  • From clinically depressed and on medication to a happy and fulfilled individual with a stellar career and happy home life.

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