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Andrea Klincokova, VIP coach, at the Hotel Paris in Prague

Personal Inventory VIP Coaching Day

Using a variety of tools and techniques, we carefully and completely look deep into your strengths and fears, your positives and negatives, your personal values, your inner obstacles and barriers, and more. Gently but firmly we will journey together into the inner you, examining and exploring the things that make you tick. The things that make up - you. 

At the end of the VIP Personal Inventory Day you will know the answer to the question 'Who am I, really?' 

The 'Inside-Out' Approach.

Your personal inventory of strengths, talents, skills, and so on is what defines the person that you are. Yes, and also the weaknesses, the things you are less good at, the stuff that is missing, even. All of this defines the inner you.

Together, we will look at what to improve, what you are already good at, and not so good at. We will make a list of things that you should perhaps even stop doing, or avoid, or leave out of your life, and another list of things you should do more of, or do better, or learn how to do. 

What will emerge at the end of the VIP Coaching Day is a picture of your resources, and your gaps, and how you personally can best use what you already have to make sure you also get the missing things that you want or need.

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