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Locations and venues: These are some of the locations we have used for VIP Coaching Days in the past couple of years. City-centre hotels, fly-away city-break destinations, beautiful countryside retreats, private villas deep in the countryside. The one thing they have in common is that they were all perfect locations for a VIP Coaching Day for someone. What would your perfect place look like?

International Travel: We are not travel agents, but we are very happy to help you arrange hotels, transport, and even flights to and from a location. We just ask that you do all the actual bookings yourself, so that you are fully in control of the itinerary and costs. We can often arrange discounts for you though, so please ask before booking anything.

Travelling with a companion: If you travel to Prague, and want to make a small holiday out of it, we can also arrange to take care of your travel companion, or companions, while you are engaged in your VIP Day. The possibilities here are endless, so please just ask and we will see how best we can add something interesting, fun, educational, cultural, or whatever to your companion's day.


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