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Whole and Happy Woman Club

Do you also strive to become successful - whether it's in your work, business, relationships or just  life in general?

Do you want to be happier, healthier or wealthier?

And do you try to accomplish it all by yourself?

I've been there too. I always had soooo many really good ideas for my business and life, but I always tried to do it all by myself. And yes, I knew  about those hundreds of studies proving that if I could do it all by myself, I would already have done it. And yes, I knew about the theory that we are the average of the five people we spent the most time with. And yes, I knew about the six degrees of separation... and yet ...


From my childhood I heard everywhere and all the time that I must work very hard and that I can't rely on anyone and I have to manage everything all by myself and if I want something, I have to fight for it .... You know how it goes.

So I fought, and I worked really hard, and I relied only on myself. Until I totally burned out.

In that moment I realised that I don't want to follow those rules anymore. They are not bringing me success nor happiness nor anything I dreamed about.

So I started to look for people who are on the same wave length as I am. For people with similar aspirations. For people with big dreams. For people who are open to new perspectives of how to look at life. For people who are willing and ready to start to create their own life, their own destiny. For people who don't want to just complain about everything and everyone but who want to proactively create what they dream about.

And so my Whole and Happy Woman Club started ...

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