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Andrea Klincokova, VIP coach, at the Hotel Paris in Prague

VIP Personal Strategy Day for 2018 - Winter Offer

It's that time of year again! New Year Resolutions that are often the same ones as last year, or the year before, or the year before that. So this year, do something different.

You’ve already found this page, so you are obviously not like the vast majority of people who will ‘fail’ before the end of January. So what can you do differently to guarantee success?

Start the year with a plan, and then execute it!

Of course, you can try to manage it all by yourself and end up stressed out, disappointed and totally exhausted as usual. Or, you can try something different this year and get help. And trust me – you will find it so liberating when you are not alone in all this anymore!

Book a VIP Personal Strategy Day™ with Andrea

VIP Personal Strategy Days™ with Andrea are for people who want to be the best in all they do, who want to make a difference. VIP Personal Strategy Days™ are exclusively one-to-one, and very intensive.

  • Crystallise what you really want to achieve this year

  • Create a step-by step achievable plan

  • Align your talents and effort to achieve genuine results

  • Smash obstacles, blockers and challenges

  • Enjoy a better and more fulfilling life

Using a range of interesting and sometimes surprising exercises and techniques, you will explore the full range of possibilities open to you and together you will map your strategy to achieve real success in 2018.


Normally this costs €3000, but for Winter customers we are offering a discount of 50%, meaning you get all this for only €1500.

This unbeatable offer must end soon. So act now.

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